Laurel’s WRAP Story

WRAP or the precedents of WRAP have been important in my life ever since I met Mary Ellen Copeland at a NAMI Conference where I was exposed to the first version of the Depression Workbook. It has been important to know that I am not alone in my struggles and that there are wellness tools to make myself feel better, such as light boxes, meditation, and peer support.

Once WRAP became a process, I found the red book very helpful to structure my approach to wellness and to help others. I also found the
films to be very reinforcing, including the film which addressed WRAP for Veterans. I felt it was very straight forward and helped communicate WRAP for others.

Taking the course to become a WRAP facilitator really helped me understand WRAP at a deeper level, including where approaching WRAP from another perspective. I also feel that the two WRAP refresher courses were helpful, especially really appreciating the values and ethics of WRAP.

As a peer I have found that checking in with a peer about WRAP and support is so very essential to understanding another and being able to help.

I am very excited about WRAP for Life which extends the use of WRAP. I utilized WRAP when I was recovering from knee surgery last fall, but I really could have benefited from expanding my program, especially having written instructions for the support system to know each other. I saw the webinar on WRAP for clutter and I look forward to incorporating that into my life. Basically, I am pleased that WRAP can be adjusted to help conquer many situations.

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