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Jode’s WRAP Story

Although I was introduced to WRAP in 2000 and wrote my first plan, it wasn’t until I became a WRAP facilitator and really starting using and knowing the importance of having a plan.  In 2006 I was hospitalized for what was initially thought to be a stroke because my vision and ability to communicate was […]

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Sarah’s WRAP Story

My name is Sarah and I love WRAP! I have struggled with mental illness since my early teens. I struggled with major depression, self injury and bipolar 2. I was introduced to WRAP by a friend about 5 years ago. My friend said it was so very helpful for her and I should give it […]

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Becky’s WRAP Story

When I was at my lowest point in life, an angel came into my life and offered me a WRAP class.  I had been in jail, arrested for a psychiatric offense after being enrolled in graduate school.  I never thought anything like that could happen to me.  I had a psychotic break and did not […]

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