Angela’s WRAP Share

In late of 2009, my life was spiraling out of control mentally and physically. I was severely depressed and physically unwell with multiple health problems. I lost my job that I had for seven years. That was it for me. I laid in bed all day and night. My parents know I needed help from a therapist but didn’t know how bad until I wrote them a letter telling them how bad I was.

I did get into seeing a therapist after a while. She helped some until she moved out of the state and left me having to find a new therapist. I did find one. This one made me feel even worse, if that’s possible. After a while I told her I needed to see a different therapist. There is a saying the 3rd one is the charm. It was for me.

I started see the new therapist. She introduced me slowly into WRAP. I was taking it home and working on it and implementing it into my daily life. One day she told me that the hospital was offering a six-week Introduction to Wellness Recovery Action Plan program. When I left the therapist’s office I signed right up for it. I wanted to learn all I could about the thing that was actually helping me.

During the program, the facilitators asked me if I wanted to become a facilitator for WRAP. I said yes. I wanted to show people who were struggling with mental health that there is a light at the end of the tunnel using WRAP. At the end of the six-week introduction to WRAP, the group was asked if we wanted to create a mental wellness support group. A couple of us said yes.

So now I help others by showing them how WRAP can help them in a six week introduction program, and also co-facilitate a support group that also uses WRAP. My life has greatly improved by the things WRAP has brought into it.

So thank you Mary Ellen Copeland, Jane Winterling, Ed Anthes, Jessie Parker and everyone else who made WRAP posable. THANK YOU!!!

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