WRAP & Me – Angela’s WRAP Story

I became acquainted with WRAP two years ago. I had started a new job in Peer Support, and was researching tools and techniques to use with members of our drop in center. My supervisor suggested I read some materials that she had about WRAP. I really liked what I was reading. Soon after, I began working on the WRAP Correspondence Course; then I more than liked WRAP—I was hooked.

WRAP helps me to take control over my own recovery. When I follow my Daily Maintenance Plan, I tend to do pretty well. When I notice that I am not doing well, and think to consult my written plan, I often realize that I have not been following my Daily Maintenance Plan, and quickly remedy the situation.

During a recent difficult time, a consultation with my WRAP helped me to decide that Things Were Getting Worse and to talk with my doctor about resuming the use of medication, an action that I had identified (while I was well) as being a good step to take when I was not feeling well.

When I started hiring Peer Support workers for the drop in center team, I asked each of them to complete a WRAP—or at least familiarize themselves with the concepts. Even those of my team who did not embrace WRAP as a whole have made use of ideas like the Wellness Toolbox and Daily Maintenance Plan.

I am pleased to have the chance to attend WARP Facilitator training later this year, along with some of my drop in center team. I am looking forward to learning more, and to leading WRAP groups for those with whom I work—it is my “Grand Plan” to help each person served by and serving in our agency who would like a WRAP to write and use one, and to introduce the foundational principles and vocabulary of WRAP into our daily experience. WRAP has been a great help to me—I want to share the WRAP experience with others.

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