Tim’s WRAP Story

I facilitate a Depression Bipolar Support Group through the Depression Bipolar Support Alliance. I found out about Mary Copeland and the Wellness Recovery Action Plan about a year ago. It was the perfect resource for me personally and for members of the group. My WRAP plan helped me find my current recovery. I just interviewed for a full time job as a Peer Specialist. I suffer from Bipolar Disorder, Obsessive Compulsion Disorder and ADHD. I have been on disability since 1998 (SSDI) and was first diagnosed in 1997 at the age of thirty-six. I have had multiple hospitalizations and a few suicide attempts. I have had one struggle after another but now I am in full recovery thanks to my WRAP Plan and the right medications. I have a Psychiatrist and a Therapist whom I see once a week. Thanks to my Wellness Toolbox, My Daily Maintenance Plan, understanding and identifying my Triggers and having a Action Plan in place, knowing and identifying my Early Warning Signs and Understanding when Things are Breaking Down and the ability to doing action plans I am equipped to stay in Recovery. I do have a Advance Directive and Post Crisis Plan if I do have a Significant breakthrough in my personal Recovery. My Personal Crisis Plan (Advance Directive) as well as my Post Crisis Plan where accomplished with the help of my wife and daughter. They always recognize my symptoms and unusual behavior before I do. They are my support system in my WRAP Plan. I asked them to identify my triggers as they know them and to tell me early on when I need to use my WRAP Plan , write a action plan which I show to them so that they can be aware of the plan and my goals and triggers and stressors to avoid if I start feeling bad. I enjoy having everything in writing and documented. My Psychiatrist and my Therapist are aware of my WRAP PLAN and can also hold me accountable if I start to feel bad or different about who I am and my personal Recovery. In my new position I will be utilizing the WRAP PLAN with all of my Mental Health consumers as well as my Addiction Consumers. It is my intention to stay in Recovery and help others do their WRAP PLANS. The support group I facilitate will eventually have their own WRAP PLANS. Thank you for all your help in my personal recovery.

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