Roseann’s WRAP Story

When I had completed my rehabilitation program and later employment at Baltimore Behavioral Health there were two things that I took with me and to this day they are essential parts of my staying at the top of my game most days. Those two things are my dual diagnosis information and my WRAP. First, let me start out by saying that now I know that all the bad choices and decisions that I made in my life were not just mistakes but can logically be explained and that in fact I am not a bad person, moreover an individual that has mental illness, as well as, substance abuse. This explains my not knowing that after being delivered from drug abuse (heroin & cocaine) that alcohol stimulates the same hormones, thus my becoming addicted to alcohol after more than 10 years of sobriety. And in becoming familiar with and using my WRAP (Wellness & Recovery Plan) I know that I can achieve my highest level of wellness and maintain that by taking my medication, keeping a good support system (my children, family, friends, and church family), making sure I have a well-balanced life ( social life, going back to school, and being active in church), and maintaining my health by attending doctor’s and therapist’s appointments, eating healthy, and continuing to be active mentally & physically. And most importantly, continuing to work in the field as Peer Support Specialist for two organizations because I feel the need to give back some of the help and support I received to others. For me giving back is a part of growing.

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