Patricia’s WRAP Story

I have been a certified peer specialist for 4 years. Included with my peer training was WRAP training and how to use it for yourself. I had some recent trauma in my life that I needed to deal with and did not know what to do.I remembered working on a wrap with one of my peers who was experiencing trauma too.I found my self a quiet room and there in my solitude I worked on a wrap based on what I was experiencing. It was like writing a journal and finding ways to cope at the same time.I was able to identify what caused me to internally shut down and was able to find coping skills to use to get myself feeling better.Reading my bible, talking to friends and listening to music helped me to cope and feel better. My trauma was that my 3 year old grandson was raped and I felt as if the trauma happened to me. I was able to use my  supports such as my fellow peers, fellow counselors, and church members to help me get through it. I was able to say ,”I have no control over this, and that I had to remember, God won’t lead you to it, if He won’t get you through it.”I have learned through my journey of being a cerified peer specialist is that we too need support and I learned that a WRAP can be applied to a persons everyday life to get them through. I am very greatful for having the opportunity to be able to share my story.

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