Nikki’s WRAP Story

Doing my WRAP really helped me to reflect and look at myself and my behaviors. I had struggled being independent and letting my support team help me. By using my WRAP I was able to give them an insight about me. And now I am pleased to say that this is the longest time I have been in a flat on my own.

WRAP made me reflect about all aspects of me. I struggle more describing myself when I am well than all the stuff when I am struggling. This could have been as I had never had to look at those kind of things before. Before filling in my WRAP I had to really look at what the word recovery meant to me. By doing this I felt it helped me see that I had a future but that I did need help. By filling in my WRAP and then sharing it with my mental health team they were able to look out for indicators of when I am struggling or may need help.

One things I did learn quite early on is that there is no point filling in the WRAP if you are not going to be honest. To start with I tended to fill in the answers with what I thought people would want to see. I then quickly realized that this does not help anyone. It has to be honest to get the best out of it. Nothing can be classed as a wrong answer as we are all individuals.

Recently though I had been struggling and knew that my team would be looking out for my early warning signs – so did everything against what I had written. I thought it would convince them and possibly myself that everything was fine. When I realized I really did need help I reached out to them and admitted how bad things were. In the next couple of months I am going to be updating my WRAP to include more ways that I cover up how bad things are. And also to update my coping strategies as I now use such a variety. If one doesn’t work I just move on and try something else.

I now volunteer with the mental health charity that has helped me so much. I encourage others to do a WRAP. By letting them know how much it has helped me and how much I use it on a day to day basis. It is not something you fill out once and then put in a cupboard and forget about. Everyone’s WRAP is personal to them but sometimes looking at it in a group setting and sharing ideas can make you remember or make you think about things in a different way. I know that listening to other peoples ways of coping gave me ideas of things I could maybe try.

I have mine in my WRAP box which contains things that make me happy and help me reflect on good memories. I feel it is important that this is placed somewhere easy to see and to access so that I can quickly get to it when I need it.

I know that as I carry on through my journey that things will continue to change and I will continue to develop. WRAP has given me confidence that I really do know myself the best and that there is a lot I can do to help myself and if that doesn’t work then there is nothing wrong with asking for help.

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