Naheen’s WRAP Story

WRAP has helped me by making me aware that I need to manage my health. It has taught me how to do this by providing me with the tools, knowledge and information to take charge of my own life. It has made me aware that I do not have to suffer alone, and that I can empower myself to build confidence and believe in myself. It has taught me that I do have support and a good network system around me. It has made me realize and understand what activities I enjoy doing, what activities make me feel good and help my health. It has taught me about what makes me unwell, and what those triggers are. It has also taught me what plans I need to make in case I start feeling unwell, or if I start having a crisis. It has made me understand myself, my personality and my behavior a lot better. Without WRAP I was very confused about how to manage myself and my health. It has helped other people, including friends, family and other health professionals understand me and my health. It has been a valuable tool for myself which I can customize to suit and accommodate my individual needs. My WRAP plan can also change and when my health changes, or when my life and routine changes. For example, if my health gets slightly better, or if I change my medication, or if I start to work again. It is written proof and evidence of my wishes and plans concerning my health, which others can follow and adhere to. That way they are treating me with respect, as well as understanding my health needs. I would be lost without WRAP, as there is nothing else in my country, the UK, that works as well as the WRAP plan for mental health conditions. And with cuts made to mental health services in the UK, as well as a lack of staff to look after mental health needs, the WRAP plan is invaluable to me.

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