Meggin’s WRAP Story

As I began my career working as a Certified Peer Specialist in October 2012, I was introduced to WRAP. As I sat in my two week training to become a CPS the word WRAP was used multiple times, as I sit there thinking what is WRAP? As the first week went along I began to get to know others in my class for the certification I asked others and they explained “their” definitions of WRAP or how they have used it in there working. As I left the two week training I was still intrigued and wondered just what WRAP was. So, as I came back to work as a CPS and trained with my co-worker’s I asked them too what is WRAP? They again gave me there definition or what they have learned at trainings, etc. So, since I was not getting the answers I was looking for I began to do my own research finding The Copeland Center website reading articles and actually via social media I learned a great deal about WRAP. In my research I began to learn more and more about WRAP and how to use it effectively. I began to develop my own WRAP, which helped me identify my triggers of my anxiety something in which I had never been able to do before. I knew from that point on I was hooked on WRAP and found a two-day WRAP training near where I live. I submitted my training request to the agency that I work for and it was approved, so off to Philadelphia I went – I couldn’t have been any more excited. To make a long story short and sweet, another CPS who I still work with went with me and became certified in the two-day WRAP training. I then went on to become a WRAP facilitator and have been blessed with the opportunity to teach WRAP to many others. I am also trying to implement and encouraged my peers working as my role of a CPS to develop a WRAP to assist and positively influence their recovery. I have completed many WRAPS for myself from my initial recovery of substance abuse, anxiety and depression to weight loss and budgeting. I believe I am up to five or six WRAP’s that I have done just to continue to stay well, healthy, and on my path of recovery. I solely believe that aiding others in completing a WRAP based for their own journey of recovery helps to keep myself well.

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