Linda’s WRAP Story

My 25-year-old son has bipolar disorder along with past self-medicating of drugs and alcohol. He took WRAP training about 3 years ago and continues to receive his Peer Support Specialist certificate. Just before last Christmas he became depressed. The holidays and time of year are a challenge for him. He informed his father and me that he required us to take WRAP training so we could appreciate and understand his accomplishments. He insisted or we would be out of his life forever. Though his ultimatum was hurtful, we knew the circumstances, but grappled with how to respond. I froze with fear he would not be in my life. My husband was upset with the manner of his requirement. I decided after thinking and reading about the program to try WRAP. Though I don’t have a mental illness or addiction, I do have pain and sleep disruption problems. I also am 65 years old with all the issues of aging in our society. I found that my son did me the biggest favor in the world! Going to WRAP, creating my toolbox and all the layers of planning to prevent crisis, all helped me shift my thinking from unprepared and defensive to prepared and stronger. Being proactive was transformational! I’ve been singing “A Whole New World” ever since! I thanked my son for his leadership. When he felt better we talked about his ultimatum. He was sorry for putting us through the coercion, but he knew we needed WRAP. My husband saw and heard me rave to my friends about how relaxed I now felt. I have more peace of mind and confidence. My sleep and pain have improved. I feel proactive in my life instead of fearful and alone. I have a support team! EVERYONE needs WRAP in his or her life! My husband decided to take WRAP training too. It’s for himself, not because he was pressured. WRAP helps families recover and thrive.

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