Laura’s WRAP Story

WRAP has helped me develop my own list of activities for everyday well-being. I must sing everyday, listen to music, and take time to myself by watching television or going on the computer. I track my triggering events and early warning signs. I know what to do if I am having a bad day. I prepare personal responses for when I am feeling badly. I do deep breathing exercises. I create a plan for supports for care for me if necessary. I have a parent as a health care proxy and I talk to my family every few days to keep in touch for a check in. WRAP gives me hope by knowing that I have done the WRAP exercises and can go back to WRAP when I am having a hard time. WRAP improves my quality of life by me doing my daily maintenance plan. WRAP increases my ability to self-advocate by advocating for myself with things in life such as at my job. I advocate for other people. I am a Certified Peer Specialist. I must advocate for myself to help myself. I also have the ability to advocate for other people. WRAP increases my feelings of empowerment, reduces the need to use health care services over time, and improves my recovery outcomes. This is demonstrated by me not being in therapy and not seeing a psychiatrist to take medicine for psychiatric disorders. I do well on my own. I live alone and I adapt to having lived experience. I need to accommodate myself and be patient with myself. My favorite part of WRAP is the crisis plan because I like having a list of medicine and a plan for doctors to care for me if I am unresponsive. I like having a WRAP plan in case of an emergency. Overall WRAP has helped me achieve more self confidence and I stand up for myself more now. I am more independent. I use WRAP in my daily life.

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