Jennifer’s WRAP Story

WRAP has helped me gain control of my life and guided myself, as well as my supports, along my path to wellness. The wellness toolbox gives me a weapon to attack the monster when I am not feeling well. It reminds me of the things I can do to make myself feel better, like exercising and using CBT, such as mindfulness and self-soothing practices (like IMPROVE and ACCEPTS). The daily maintenance plan describes to myself and others what I am like when I am well, as well as what I am like when I am not. Sometimes I need to refer to this to recognize early warning signs in myself when things are breaking down (lack of motivation, apathy, social isolation) so that I can take action, and what I need to do at that time, and everyday, to stay well. Identifying triggers helps me to prepare and figure out a course of action to deal with such triggers as they arise, like taking a few deep breaths, removing myself from a situation or talking it over with a supporter. The crisis plan provides a quick reference to my supports so that they know when and how to intervene. Keeping all of my health care providers contact info and medication list in one place, as well as the treatment options I am open to, has helped me tremendously when visiting/being admitted to the hospital during crisis.

WRAP has proven to be a valuable tool in my recovery. I keep it close at hand for myself and others, and review, update, and refer to it often. It also really helps to have the WRAP app on my phone, although I always keep a hard copy available. I would recommend putting together this plan to anyone who suffers with mental health issues as I do (with bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder). It aids me in keeping my illness, and life, in check! Thank you Mary Ellen Copeland for a great resource!!!

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