Jeania’s WRAP Story

Hello, I am Jeania. I am 44yrs old and married a total of 2 years.  I am a consumer living with the Bipolar Disorder.  I suffered for years under my own stigma as well as from family and friends.  I first sought treatment for an onset of depression and anxiety in my early twenties.  I knew nothing about mental disorders let alone how to care for myself with one.  So I refused to take my medicines, believing that it would somehow go away one day just as the illness had come into my life out of what seemed to be from nowhere.  I lost my job of 8 years, I could no longer afford to live on my own and had to move in with family members.  Without health insurance and needing treatment for my condition I ended up in the county health clinic.  I reluctantly started going to a group at the clinic but I wouldn’t share what I was going through.  I was hospitalized three times before coming to terms with myself that I needed to take the medication and stay on them.  Once I began to make progress and tried working with the employment services to find a job, the only conclusion was that I wasn’t ready for work.  The clinic worker knew about WRAP and suggested that I look into taking a WRAP class.  I did – Twice with RICA of San Diego.  The first time I was still having symptoms making it difficult for me to absorb all the information.  However, I experienced a change in myself having learned a little about self care.  So the second time I was ready to make a change in my life.  I loved WRAP!  I wanted to learn more!  I took a Peer training class at RICA of San Diego where I learned more of what I needed.  I tried again at getting a job this time working with the employment services of RICA of San Diego.  Which lead me to NAMI, San Diego where I worked as a Helpline Specialist for 2 years prior to getting married and moving to Modesto, CA.  I continue to attend support groups and the book WRAP PLUS was talked about in a Self-Esteem group at the Wellness Recovery Center.  Some day I’d like to buy the book WRAP PLUS.  I have continued to work on my recovery and staying well.  I work currently work at NAMI Stanislaus as a In Our Own Voice presenter.  I find the job challenging to talk about my story in public, however, doing so has helped me personally in ways that I never could have imagined.

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