Arlene’s WRAP Story

WRAP has changed my life in so many ways. In 1995 my life was tipped upside down. I became so depressed I had to stop working and going to college.I didn’t want to live anymore I just wanted all the pain I was feeling to end. I was put on lots of psych medications and in different psych units. Neither was making much of a difference in my life. I didn’t think things would ever get better. I had started to except that this was going to be my life until I went to Mary Ellen’s workshop in Bradford, VT. There was something that first day that drew me in and made me want to keep coming back. I believe it was hearing that someone else had been where I was. That there was light at the end of the tunnel. Mary Ellen was such an inspiration to me. I went on to become a WRAP trainer. I still struggled at times but I was feeling some hope.After creating my WRAP tool box I started to see there was hope that I would come out of this place I was in. I had to learn each day to use the tools in my tool box so I could move forward. I started back to college in 1999 and started to feel like life was changing some for me. I still wasn’t able to work because of my anxiety and depression but they were getting better as long as I was using WRAP. I graduated from CCV in 2001 and moved on to JSC to get my bachelors degree. Each year got better with the help of an amazing therapist and WRAP. IN 2008 I graduated from JSC with my bachelors degree and started working after almost 13 years of not being able to work. Even though I still struggle at times I am able to see life is worth living.I always go back to my WRAP tool box when things are hard. I don’t always think of the ways I get through my day as using WRAP in the moment but after a long day at work I realize that WRAP is what I am using to get through my days. I have been at my current job going on 7 years and am not in and out of psych hospitals all the time. What a great feeling. I can’t thank Mary Ellen enough for all she has done to help make people’s lives better. Thanks to WRAP I am where I am today along with my hard work to move forward in my life.

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