Angelique’s WRAP Story

I have used WRAP both professionally as a Licensed Professional Counselor and personally with much success. I was first diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder when I was 13 years old and diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder: Type II and Anxiety Disorder NOS at age 29. I was initially introduced to WRAP when I was a master’s level intern for an adult partial hospitalization program and we watched a video with Mary Ellen Copeland discussing her work.

We were intended to utilize the workbooks with the patients, which I did, but also brought one home for myself (for shame). I filled out each of the individual sections and shared it with my boyfriend (now husband). It helped me in a way I did not anticipate when I had an abnormal migraine that presented itself as a manic/psychotic state, but my husband, knowing my early warning signs and triggers knew there were no particular reasons for what was happening. This was vital information that kept me out of a possible psychiatric hospital admission and gave the doctor the information she needed to make a correct diagnosis.

One thing I regret is not updating my WRAP when I was pregnant as I ended up suffering from severe postpartum depression with suicidal and homicidal thoughts and psychosis. If I had updated my WRAP booklet then and shared it with my husband and parents I could have gotten the help I needed sooner. I found the medical community to be surprisingly naive and dismissive to the concerns of a new mother with mental health issues. I completed many forms given to me at pediatric appointments, WIC appointments, OB/GYN appointments – all regarding my mental health state – saying I was miserable, even suicidal. I would tell them, however, that I was seeing a counselor and they would just smile and slide the paper into a folder as I would sit there numb and my husband would hold our daughter.

I ended up in a psychiatric hospital for several days during which time I had my parents bring my workbook to the hospital and I updated it. I would love to see WRAP suggested to soon-to-be-moms by counselors as the rate of postpartum is higher in women with mental health issues and this is an invaluable tool. Thank you so much for creating such a useful system which I have used to help countless clients over the years. I continue to use it in my private practice and in my life as well.

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