Andrea’s WRAP Story

WRAP has helped my life in many ways. It has given me a wonderful context and framework from which I have been able to organize and categorize my wellness and recovery journey. I first took WRAP around 3 years ago. I was lucky that it was available for me to take. Looking back, I can see how I’ve lived out the 5 key concepts of recovery. I found hope in the caring people that have chosen mental health as their vocation. I took personal responsibility for my recovery and educated myself on all the resources, trainings, and programs available to me. I advocated for myself and got involved in everything I could. I created a network of support along the way. I had my first mental health challenge in May of 2011. I recently had another psychosis in late February of 2015. By having my WRAP plan, I was able to get through it with minimal interruption to my life. The great thing about WRAP is that it’s a living document. I was able to create a solid post crisis plan. I have been editing and add new wellness tools and daily maintenance plan ideas to keep me well. I stayed well for 4 years so I feel I had a good WRAP. Now I’m making it even better. I’ve revised the sections about early warning signs and when things are breaking down based on insight from my recent crisis. I’m going to put everything in the WRAP app that I bought too. I am happy that my WRAP was able to help me see that there were early warning signs and when things were breaking down and keep myself safe by having a supporter around. It also helped me call for help when I was in crisis. I’m grateful that now I can revise my WRAP. I just recently finished WRAP facilitator training. WRAP is for everyone. WRAP is a way of life. WRAP has helped me take care of myself and it will help me take care of myself everyday and in the future. Thank you!!

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