Adrian’s WRAP Story

I can peacefully, less stressfully say that I am thankful for the Wellness Recovery Action Plan. The WRAP had introduced me into a new world. I am now able to handle my stressful events in a peaceful and tactful manner. I am able to identify my triggers and go straight into action. I have created my crisis plan which I needed due to my medical issues that completely taken over my life. At least, I now know if I am not able to handle situations they are documented and signed so the situations can be handled. Reaching out to my Support group has been imperative for me because I have been fighting my battles alone for many years and it was extremely hard. Now I have people I can call in the middle of the night. I am so relieved and relaxed. I can now say I have a family. Along with educating myself with my mental illness, and  medical illness I am now able to communicate effectively with my physicians and make sure that all my medications are given to me appropriately and have a great re-pore with all pertaining to my health. Thank you so much for your love and understanding. I am so thankful for the creation of the WRAP.

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